As much as I hate the cold weather, this is my style season. I can never get enough of chunky knits, thigh high boots and simple accessories! Baker boy hats are one of my favourite accessories this year, I've been fawning over their street style presence. I may be slightly late to the party with this one but I promise I have the best excuse!

Now here is the thing, I've been on the search for one of these hats for the longest time and it just so happens that they are not made for people with big heads! Every time I've found one they just won't sit properly on my head or if they do, it feels like I'm about to pass out due to the pressure! So when I stumbled upon this lonesome baker boy hat in Primark and it actually fitted, I just knew it was fate! 

I've basically compiled this whole look around my new hat. I've tried to keep it pretty low on colourings with just the coat and knit standing out. Now, I do have to say when shooting this look it was freezing and raining, hence the crazy hair, so I would only opt for this look on a mild day...

Of course, the staple in this look is the hat, but the shorts definitely make a statement. I actually picked these shorts up from Zara when I was in Mexico as a versatile piece to take with me to Fashion Week. When I got back to the UK and added them to my wardrobe, I realised their full potential! I'm not usually a short-wearer, especially not in November but I'm making an exception for this pair.

To try and combat some of cold, I did slip on a duster coat - not that it made much difference! This longline coat features a double breasted front with black buttons which ties in with the rest of the look. I also really like the length in comparison to the boots and shorts, it pulls everything together and gives the look a bit more of an autumnal finish.

In keeping with my minimal colour palette, I paired a texturally contrasting bag with the shorts for a bit of subtle interest. Obviously, I also went for a pair of trusty black thigh highs to match everything but the knit. Now the knit is a super slouchy roll neck from H&M and I have to say I've worn it so many times I couldn't even count. As I always say, a tuck is essential so I've tucked it into the shorts so I can really showcase the detailing on the shorts.

I've been wearing versions of this look to work and when I go shopping. It's so simple but really comes across as being chic and a bit daring. I've also noticed that the UK Zara have got these shorts in now but also have created a few variations that I'm excited to try!

Jumper // H&M
Coat // I Saw It First
Shorts // Zara
Boots // Shoeaholics
Hat // Primark
Bag // Mango (old season, similar here)