For six years I have dreamt about spending New Year's in New York and I can officially now say that I have ticked that off my bucket list! I had never stepped foot in the Big Apple before so all I was envisioning was living out Home Alone 2 and eating copious amounts of food. To be honest I did do a bit of both of them...

On day one, we travelled from Heathrow to Philadelphia, unfortunately, due to the time of year the direct flights were super expensive and we ended up being delayed for three hours. All my plans of having a nice afternoon strolling around Times Square were completely destroyed and we ended up getting to our hotel at 8.30pm. Now I know, it's the city that doesn't sleep, but I do. So we found a cute little restaurant and then went straight to bed.

We stayed at the Hudson New York on West 58th Street, literally only a stone's throw away from Central Park. Aesthetically, the Hudson was unreal. It had a mix of a botanical yet Americana vibe which strangely worked and there were neon lights everywhere.

The rooms were pretty small, which was to be expected but the quality was a bit lacklustre. Again interior-wise it was great, wooden panels and quirky lighting but that didn't really make up for the issues. Not trying to be a Debbie-downer, but our safe had no batteries in, the walls were cracked, the main light didn't work, there was frequently a stench of weed and when asked the receptionist about it, all we got was three AA batteries. 

Day two held a bit more action on our part. We found on the corner of our block the most incredible 24-hour diner, Flames. We loaded up on carbs then headed off to the Empire State Building, which was insane. We actually got passes for trips through an app called New York City Explorer Pass, it ended up saving us loads of money so I would definitely recommend it. 

After the Empire State Building, we headed toward the Flatiron but ended up getting completely distracted by an Asian wine bar. Slightly tipsy we ended up walking to Grand Central Station and actually witnessed a proposal while we were there! Carrying on without walk we stumbled upon Bryant Park and Radio City while on route to Times Square. One of the best parts about going at that time of year is that all of the Christmas lights are still up and there is still such a festive atmosphere.

Day three, New Year's Eve, took similar shape. We started with pancakes at Flames then headed to the streets to find the Rockefeller Center. We went to the Top of the Rock and it was pouring with rain but was still incredible to see the skyline with the Empire State Building in.

After that, we had to explore the Rockefeller and we found the most delicious pizza place inside. Outside though we obviously saw the famous Christmas tree and the ice rink, whilst I tried to take loads of photos it was crazy busy and every picture had someone's head in it.

Five Avenue was literally a block away, so I went on a bit of a shopping spree... I didn't get loads because my luggage was on the heavier side to begin with, but just the experience of shopping on that street was so worth it, buildings were wrapped up with decorations and the window displays were magical!

A slight inconvenience though was a sudden bout of flu that hit me that afternoon, so we began to head back but got distracted by The Plaza Hotel's French Wine Bar. After a bottle of medicinal rosé we ended back at the room to prepare for festivities (i.e. I had a nap).

All in all, our evening was great but we did get caught in the rain so I looked like a drowned rat by the time we arrived at The Rickey for the party. Now, I had a good time, but the mix of flu and prosecco has completely ruined any memories of the night. Typical.

Now day four, our last full day was always going to be spent relatively hungover but I didn't plan on being as ill as I was. We had a boat tour of island booked, which was fab, and probably one of the best attractions we did, but I did spend most of it with my face in a tissue.

The tour took just under three hours and when docked we had no clue where we were but managed to found the High Line. It was pretty damn cold so most of the gardens were dead, but honestly, if you have a chance to walk the High Line, I couldn't recommend it more. We finished up in the Meatpacking District and found a cute restaurant for me to recover in where we had an insane burger.

We did have plans of heading down to Brooklyn and also visiting Ground Zero, but I was far too ill to manage that. We finished up New Year's Day by being in bed by 8.30pm and ordering Mexican food to our hotel room. As disappointing as it was to not get out on our last night, it was so nice to cough in the comfort of a bed.

With our car picking us up at 12pm, day five wasn't really a full day. We had planned to spend a full afternoon in Central Park, but time kept running away from us so we spent our last few hours exploring it.  I have to say it was completely and utterly unreal being where so many of my favourite shows and films have set. I kind of felt like Blair Waldorf, just in less expensive shoes.

Now, the one thing I was determined to do while we were there was ice skate in Central Park and I finally got to do it on our last morning. I looked like bambi on ice and my nose was full on running but it was so surreal and the perfect way to finish off the trip.

New York was an absolute dream and I can honestly say I've already been looking at prices to go back again the summer. I would to go back in full health, experience the places we didn't end up going to and see the High Line in its glory. I probably wouldn't stay at Hudson again and I would try to book direct flights as I'm impatient.

If you're interested, below I've got a load more photos from the trip and hopefully these travel posts will become more of a frequent thing on here.